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Placement of Race Wearables

Follow these instructions to properly wear the items we give you during packet pickup for the race.

  • Silicone Swim Cap - Wear it on your head during all swims. Yes you must wear the one we give you. Yours to keep after the race.

  • Number Bib Singlet - Each team is assigned a number and should have matching bibs representing that number. This is our way of identifying you during the race. You MUST always wear the bib on the outermost layer (over your wetsuit). If you take your wetsuit down to your waste after your swim the bib must go back on after. Same applies to putting your wetsuit top back up/on to go in for a swim. Yours to keep after the race.

  • Silicone Collapsable Cup - Each person is given one and expected to carry it unless you have another form of hydration you wish to carry on you. This can be easily balled up and put in a pocket or between your apparel and wetsuit. Whatever works. If you have a flask, bottle, camelback, whatever, the point is you need to make sure you have a way to take in hydration from the coolers at our hydration stations or carry your own on you. Yours to keep after the race.

  • Timing Chip & Strap - Be sure to feed the velcro strap through the timing chip holes and secure it to your ankle via the ankle strap. Tight enough that there's no doubt it will stay on but not too tight that it cuts of circulation. If you're worried about it coming off you can secure the two ends of the strap (once put on your ankle) with a safety pin. Each solo athlete gets their own timing chip and strap. Each team gets only one timing chip and strap. It does not matter who wears it since you race together and cross the finish line at the same time. DO NOT COVER YOUR CHIP WITH SOCKS OR COMPRESSION GEAR. COVERED CHIPS HAVE A TOUGH TIME CAPTURING TIMES. Please return these to us at the finish line.

  • Restube - These are only given to solo racers because they do not have a teammate to rely on during the race for an added layer of safety both on land and in the water. The restube is given as a free rental at packet pickup. Solo racers wear this around their waste like a fanny pack but it's much smaller and if firmly secured it is not really noticeable during the race. This device is meant to be used in emergency situations in the water (whatever that may be). Pull the ripcord and it auto inflates a moderate sized yellow buoy to help you float and help us identify that you are in need of help. Additionally the ripcord has a built in whistle so solo athletes can count it towards the mandatory whistle requirement. Please return these to us at the finish line.

  • Rental Wetsuits - Be sure to wear these (applies to all swimrun wetsuits) with the zipper in the front. Please empty out all pockets and return these to us at the finish line.

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